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The highest dose studied is 1.5 or three times greater than the recommended adult human daily dose of modafinil over a mg/m² basis. There was no evidence of tumorigenesis associated with modafinil administration in these studies. However, because the mouse study used an inadequate high dose that had not been representative of a maximum tolerated dose, a subsequent carcinogenicity study was conducted in the Tg.AC transgenic mouse.

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That said, I could argue that I'm absolve to take whatever medication I'd like because it's an integral part of my private life. Besides, unlike me, a lot of my colleagues consume energy beverages the whole day. Have a step back from your life and have the help you need at our premier drug and alcohol craving center. Nestled in the countryside 1.5 hours from Memphis, Oxford gives you the support you will need in a calm and beautiful setting. The European Medicines Agency reportsthat there are 485 reports of abuse, misuse, dependence, and tolerance involving modafinil in their pharmacovigilance database.

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If a person were to see these side effects and took huge amounts of the drug, they must contact a poison control center or call 911. The majority of cases of serious rash associated with modafinil occurred within one to five weeks after patients started taking the drug, but isolated cases have been reported after three months of treatment. A report published in 2002 in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry followed 72 patients with multiple sclerosis using modafinil for fatigue.

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